Blogging Strategies

Enterprise 2.0




Initially when thinking about how to write a Blog and how to tackle this challenge I asked myself the following questions.


How and where to begin, how to be good at it, how to master Blogging, how to attract people to my writing and how to make my writing desirable and interesting, what information do I use, points of public interests, professional interests, hobbies.  These are all of the points that I needed to consider when creating strategies and customising them to my needs.


This led me to research writing Blogs on Google and I found some valuable information that related to the key words how to be a “Successful Blogger”, but I came to the conclusion that I have to create my own strategies that I can customise and apply usefully for my needs in this case.

I found a lot of information that was useful to me to create strategies that enhanced my blogging experience. Most of this information fell into two categories of Blogging methods.

  • Just punch in the key words and go with the flow
  • You have to design and create a crafted Blog

Therefore I came to the following conclusions –

My Strategies, in short are –

v Write about a subject that I have a sound knowledge of

v Ensure that your message is clear, simple, yet informative, but not boring

v Construct the blog so that it is interesting and appealing to the user with the use of colour, pictures and relevant links, etc

v Be responsive and committed to replying to comments as quickly as possible

v Use other social media networks to promote your blog, eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc

v Be consistent, stick to a theme that you know and like such as politics, technology, hobbies that you can share with others, to encourage more people to interact with the Blog

v Take care when designing the content of the Blog to write in a way that shows respect for all possible readers. Consider that others may have different views when you are crafting the Blog.


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