Living Examples of Enterprise 2.0 in Action

Week 3 Activity 

In this activity I selected option 2 and identified some examples about organisations whom embrace the web 2.0 technologies as.

“Identify further examples of companies using Web 2.0 to achieve enterprise objectives or organisations using  Epterprise 2.0 principles in a significant way” week 3 activity

Therefore to show the web 2.0 achievements of some companies and organisations I needed to compare them against Wikinomices business models elements which are peering, being open, sharing, acting global. These elements according to Tapscott will show how mass collaboration transforms organisations by outsourcing the achievements of the company’s objectives to the mass public.


In this discussion I will try to briefly highlight two examples:-


 Dell is one of the largest computers manufacturers in the world.  It is an American company founded by Michael Dell in 1984.  In early 2006 Dell invested in a social presence by helping bloggers with technical support issues.  Moreover Dell relied on social media in the journey to success.

 Dell soical Timeline

Comparing this with wikinomices business model:-



Because of the implementation of social media networks and platform that enabled a lot of Peer Collaboration internally, staff to staff, communication throughout all hierarchies and externally with customers, possible consumers and external IT experts.

Being open

Dell uses open social media platforms that are not only open for staff but even customers and other IT expert like Dell community. Furthermore they have a stronger presence in a wide range on the open social media networks such as facebook , twitter , and google,  etc.



As a social media successful example, Dell tries to share the success using the social media networks and tools with others. They have even created some social media tools that will help other companies or competitor to use for their benefit.

Acting Global

As a well know computer manufacturing company, Dell not only reaches out into their geographical space but also to the entire global networks by interaction with customers, staff and partner. They do this through their wide range of social media platforms and networks so as to capture their views and product improvement ideas and provide better customer services experience.


Similarly Samsung has embraced the Social media Trend in order to connect to their employees, customers and the world.

They used most of the social Technologies platforms for broader communications.

Some of these Technologies are:

facebook  Pinterest  Twitter FlickrLogo-1 Youtube







Samsung also use these technologies Wikinomices business model. They promote Peering, when staff communicates to each other through the wide range of social technology platforms. That doesn’t only happen horizontally but also vertically from basic department to management. They also introduce the sense of being open by interacting and reaching consumers and Technology followers through a wide range of open and popular social media networks. Samsung does not stop at this, but try sharing their success and development for products using the social media tools which make them act globally in relation to how they connect with people from around the world.


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