The value in which organization and companies can gain using the social media Technologies…

Week 4 activity

In (accordance with) Mckinsey report “The social economy : Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies”. It discusses that organisation and companies can achieve value and benefits by using social technologies . It shows the Ten ways that organisations can add value “levers” to their business which lay under Five business areas .. [1] product development, [2] operations and distribution, [3] marketing and sales, and [4] customer service, and also across the enterprise [5] business support.

Five area under which soical Technologies can add value to an organization

To examine this we had to look for and assess an enterprise that used Social media Technologies for uplifting their business.


Zappos was established in 1999 , as an online retailer that sells shoes and later clothing and accessories.They are known for their strong focus on creating  “Real Relationships” with their followers and customers.

This  is a company that started with an online presence, following the merge of Social Technologies  They wanted to enhance this space using these tools.  Zappos used Social media to target their marketing and sales , customer service, operation and distribution and even their internal enterprise collaboration and communication.

Marketing and Sales

On their Facebook they have a catchy saying “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship” .  It shows and attracts potential customers by presenting themselves as equal, humble and heavily interested in building up their relationships even more.

  Zappos_Like-Like Tab on facebook

Their strategy is to build and to draw customers step by step in a nice flow.  Once the “would-be” customer and fan press like it will immediately change the tab , open the opportunity to subscribe to their Email list and look up products.  Zappos demonstrate care and respect to their followers choice, by waiting until they click the like button first.

Zappos_content only fans

Moreover,  Zappos uses a technique called “fans-only-content” which will only reveal content once someone becomes a fan, as shown above, it will provide instance access to exclusive items, videos and special promotions.  Also they include on the welcome tab a remark “widget”, as shown below, where you can post and comment on their products and that will then be posted directly on your profile page to let your friends know what you like most about their products.


That will foster more interaction with customers and expand the number of fans and followers’ club, which will eventually generate more sales.

Zappos is not only using the social media technologies to gather customer insight, increase sales and market their products, but also to build and nurture “customer service relations”. It uses Zappos culture, blogs, YouTube, video experience, “video comments” and twitter. This will provide customer care over social media Technologies.

Zappos promotes a sense of friendship – through all of their social media technologies to enhance their customer service!




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