Professional Sector could also get some sweets from Social Media! …Check out PeopleLinx

This week blog will be to select an organization from the Professional Services Sector (e.g. accounting, advertising and marketing, architecture, management consulting, engineering, IT, legal, and scientific research services). Identify and discuss how they are using a blog, twitter, or a wiki to enhance their business. Make connections to the relevant value levers associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0.


PeopleLinx is Founded in 2009 by early LinkedIn employees , and it is an organization that helps companies with using social media networks, in particular LinkedIn, where they believe that using such a network will help companies to look great and engage more in the marketplace. Moreover, PeopleLinx offers four main services. One of the services is Scalable Training, where PeopleLinx provide the company’s employees with LinkedIn training and solutions, in order to empower them to successfully use LinkedIn.

Also, they provide Profile Optimization tool, which is an online wizard guide for employees to create their profiles,

hence that will make the company shine online.

peoplelinx_four_main Moreover they customize reports which tell the customers“a company” what the employees are doing on LinkedIn and how it helping the business and it can coordinate sharing by publishing workflows to mange and measure the employees sharing of marketing approved content.

People use these three social media networks LinkedIn, Twitter and their own blogs.

We could see that their most value levers using social media technologies that mentions in McKinsey global report are in these areas operation and distribution, marketing and sales , customer services and business supports.



PeopleLinx use LinkedIn as tool to connect to people throughout a wide range of talent network and help promote their work. Moreover this tool is valuable by forecasting their operations and work and helping to distribute their business process.  Applying LinkedIn are more beneficial in  the area of operation and distribution.


As very popular tool that is used by professional sector around the globe , PeopleLinx is no differ.

As a powerful tool that helps marketing and sales, PeopleLinx uses twitter to spread the word about the products and services they offer to pick up and increase their sales levels and numbers. Twitter also provides PeopleLinx with communication and interaction with current/future customers. Moreover  it provide customer insight and ideas which may help in better and refined products in the future. Another area of value levers  that can be add to PeopleLinx in relation to the use twitter is customer services by having the ability to reach , response and act with customer concerns and feedback and try to find solutions if needed.

PeopleLinx Blog

Blogs are more intense and powerful tools for collaboration and communication that been used by PeopleLinx . Blogs post can explain and elaborate more about products, approaches and solutions that been used. Blogs post can be used to match talent and expertise to the task in hand.


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