Web2.0 Rich user experiences

Another one of the Tim O’Reilly eight cores of Design Patterns and Business Models” is Rich user experiences. Rich user experiences refer to the development of web page application. This concept changes the web deliverable to contain both multimedia content and GUI- graphical user interface which also know as Rich internet application (RIA).

There some technologies that made this possible such as Ajax, Adobe Flex and JavaFX.

Ajax and Rich user experience 

AJAX, is a short form of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, it combined several technologies that allow some parts or all of a page to receive new data without refreshing the entire page. With AJAX, web applications can be much more responsive and intuitive. With it capability it can make Web2.0 richer in user experience by creating more interactive platforms.

Most of the social media networks invest in the Rich user experience concept by rapidly evolving to increase and create more user’s traffic that are influential and valuable. Websites like Twitter, facebook, YouTube and are always evolving.

As example of evolving Social networks is Pinterest. Can explain as “a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests”. 



Pinterest’s new look is slicker and makes browsing pins and keeping track of updates much easier.





These are some of the newly developed updates to match the new technology trends:

  • The categories section
  • The notifications feature.
  • The built-in Pinterest analytics feature for business profiles.
  • Pinterest’s secret boards.


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