Harnessing collective intelligence, is it a reality or a myth

The concept of harnessing collective intelligence was introduced by Tim O’Reilly , this idea is part of the design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software.  He argued that this notion developed from the transaction of the PC era to Web2.0 era and when the internet started to provide not only connection but provided a platform and services.




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Harnessing collective intelligence can be defined as crowd sourcing the public. Some may tend to define it as harnessing the wisdom of the masses. Whichever concept phrase you prefer, all of them basically mean collecting and taking advantage of the bigger community – its input, feedback and ideas.



IBM has jumped in to harness some of this intelligence by creating platforms that help make this a possibility, especially for the professional world.


As a chosen platform I thought Instagram has what it takes, similar to twitter it uses #hashtags. Those hashtags are going to bring in the views, often from those who might not ordinarily be able to find you but moreover it provides the ability to share photos and recently short videos. Because the fact that users interact with image-based content more than any other form of content on social networks


Instagram is a photo sharing app for iPhones that makes it easy to take pictures on a iPhone and share them with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or connections on your Instagram account. Instagram allows users to apply a series of filters to their photos in order to create a vintage look for their images that resembles a polaroid.”

Instagram uses the harnessing collective intelligent concept which generates some benefits. I chose two fields to shed some light on.

In business

  • Market your products and services in creative ways.
  • Post behind the scenes photos from your business.
  • Update people on your latest offers, events and promotions.
  • Find Fans – by finding and connecting people who are already using your products or services with those who have similar interest which may lead to potential new customers.
  • It promotes customer engagement – a perfect opportunity to encourage followers to participate in anything that involves your business –for instance product and services development.
  •  It helps build business personality.


In education 

  • Instagram & Spatial Intelligence –is a mental process through which the mind attempts to interpret certain types of information (visual).
  • Instagram & Linguistic Intelligence – students may articulate their thoughts into the right words and sentences, also they can participate in a group activity where students ask others to comment on the photos or the videos, thereby gaining instant feedback and interaction.
  • Instragram & Logical Mathematical Intelligence – can be done by sharing pictures with students by requesting them to work on it like cropping an image or improve its quality using Photoshop.
  • Instagram & Interpersonal Intelligence – Through sharing meaningful photos and videos may lead to the development of Interpersonal Intelligence which enables people to envisage and understand the desires, motivation and intentions of others.
  • Use of Instagram and iPhoneography in Art & Photography Classes – by understanding the camera setting and other tricks to improve the photos quality can assist student be better prepared to create wonderful  photos.
  • Instagram & Intrapersonal Intelligence – understanding oneself and realize one’s fears, feelings and motivations can be done by allowing students to work independently and reflect on some of the pictures they capture and create.



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