Is Data the Next “Intel” Inside?

Data is the Next Intel Inside is one of the eight cores that has been mention by Tim O’Reilly, as part of design Patterns and Business Models and patterns for the Next Generation of Software.

The idea was a result of the move from internet as access age to Web2.0 age and who provide the data, the shift is that data was added by the service provider but nowadays it mostly collected from the community. This creates a great need to database, not a small one but a huge.

The question is who own the data?

As mentioned by Tim O’Reilly. He pointed out that in the era of the internet; companies had to invest a lot of resources to build their own products “DATA”. For instance companies like NavTeq invested $750 million to build their database of maps and directions, similarly -Digital global also devoted $500 million to launch their satellite for better imagery. Nowadays leading maps services providers like google, yahoo and MapQuest use these databases to run their services.  So that mean if the data harnessing collecting concept were introduced in the early age of internet, that may been another story – these services owners could use the input of users to improve their products and make it hard for the competition and maybe eliminate them.

Web 2.0 age with its technologies made this possible.  Social media platforms are the core of web2.0, service provider can use the mechanism of social networks to build up their database or products. Gathering the data come in many forms writing a comment, poking , tagging ,liking sharing topics- videos or photos, this usually result in enormous amount of data.

WHO fit this profile?


Yelp is an incredible online community of locals and travelers that have honest opinions about everything. Through user reviews and ratings, you can find a wealth of information on the best and worst places to eat, visit, and do business with from restaurants to dentists. Yelp is a powerful tool with both business and personal applications.

The whole Yelp idea can be merely done by acquiring the community reviews and share for the local services and businesses. That means Yelp mainly business is based on a huge database that mostly gathered from the community inputs and shares. Web2.0 application enables and facilitated Yelp to build their products from this contributed database.

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